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Cusco Street Zero-A: 2023 GR Corolla


  • $ 1,53000

Front / Rear: Twin-Tube 40-way Damper Adjustable
Front: Full threaded shock body for ride height adjustment.
Rear: Threaded Spring Perch for ride height adjustment
Default Spring Rate:
Front 7kgf/mm (Optional 8kgf/mm & 9kgf/mm per request), ID=65mm, L=200mm
Rear 8kgf/mm (Optional 7kgf/mm & 9kgf/mm per request), ID=65mm, L=250mm
Default Ride Height (compare to stock):
Front -15mm (Adjustable Range -20mm to 0mm)
Rear -15mm (Adjustable Range -30mm to 0mm)
Upper Mount:
Front: Pillowball Adjustable Camber Plate
Rear: Not included - Utilize Factory Upper Mounts
Overhaul: Available
e-Con2 Remote Controller Compatibility: No