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Universal Air Solution Series 4 Aero

Universal Air Solution Series 4 Aero

Universal Air

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NOTE: These are made to order. 4-8 weeks before shipping.

The Solution Series, a Vehicle Specific , complete air spring and strut package that increases comfortability, boosts performance, and fits perfectly. Engineered by specialists with a minimum of 15 years of air suspension experience in the Custom Car Industry.

We've teamed up with countless companies to design an air spring and strut solution to address the fitment, installation and ride issues most custom cars experience. The common issue of a system being too fat or too tall for an application has been solved, and then further developed to give you the high performance, comfortable ride you've been looking for.

  • ELEVATE PERFORMANCE AND DRIVEABILITY –Propriety dampers. We chose the propriety damper because it's stiff enough to maintain high performance levels, and relaxed enough to provide an enjoyable the drive.
  • IDEAL RIDE HEIGHT AND MANEUVERABILITY –Trusted Aerosport, thin upper strut mount.. Allows for vehicle to be laid all the way down while maintaining tire clearances and the ability for high suspension travel.
  • COMPLETE BOLT IN INSTALLATION –Length adjustable complete assemblies for an easy install and ultimate tuneability with basic hand tools.
  • BUILT TO LAST –Highest quality, brand name components for the most rugged package. Engineered, machined, hand-built and tested in-house. Machine tested to failure, and road tested though the biggest pot holes, speed bumps, and driveways you can throw at it.
  • Front Aerosport Bags 4" - 9.5"
  • Rear Aerosport Bags 4" - 9.5"



Bolt in, Compress Suspension and adjust Shock Length so the bag is bottomed out