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Vertex Nano Metal Headlight Clearing Kit

Vertex USA

  • $ 3995

Say goodbye to your oxidized headlights! Remove the haze & corrosion with this new kit from Vertex. 


  • Vertex Super Clean Shampoo
  • Vertex Super Polish
  • Vertex Nano Metal Light Clear coat
  • Micro Fiber


1. Spray down the headlight with the Vertex Super Clean Shampoo. Please wipe off any excess that gets onto the car. The product is safe on the paint but we wouldn't recommend spraying the car's surface. 

2. The Shampoo immediately lifts off the yellowing. Once you see the yellowing dripping down, wipe down the headlights. This will only take 10-15 seconds roughly. 

3. Take a micro fiber and apply the Vertex Super Polish using a circular motion. Allow the polish to dry and remove the polish with a clean micro fiber or towel. An orbital polisher is suggested for this step, but on necessary. 

3. Using a paper towel or tissue, apply the Vertex Nano Metal Clear to the headlight. The included microfiber can be used, but absorbent materials like this will just lead to clear getting wasted. 

4. After coating is done, wipe off the excess clear from the headlights using the included microfiber. You want to do this before the clear hardens. By running the microfiber over the coated headlight, you're evening out the clear coat applied. 

5. Allow 24 hours for the Nano Metal Clear to fully cure. During the curing process, you want to avoid any water of condensation getting onto the headlights. 

The Vertex Nano Metal Headlight Clearing Kit will last 3-6 months. Simply reapply the clear to extend life. 

Please Note: 
Yellowing occurs once the poly carbonate material of the headlight lens goes bad after a few years. This product is designed to quickly remove and protect the bad poly carbonate. It can't magically restore the old lens back to new. As such, you can't expect this coating to last for a few years, like a new headlight.